Eunha Chang

Based in Seoul and London

Eunha Chang recently graduated with distinction from an MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

She is a talented and energetic curator and researcher specialising in contemporary art and ecology. In 2019, she was selected as the most promising young Korean professional in visual culture by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange. Chang has over four years of international art and professional experience with renowned art institutions such as the Istanbul Biennial, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, and the Gwangju Design Biennale.

Chang has received multiple recognitions, beginning with a 2023 Grant for Young Artists from Arts Council Korea (ARKO), followed by another ARKO grant in 2024, marking her career progression and potential. Additionally, she is a Principal Candidate for a 2024 Fulbright Graduate Student Program Award and participated in the 2022 Korean Art Workshop for Graduate Students/Junior-level Curators. This workshop was a collaboration among the Korea Foundation, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Dartmouth College, and Harvard University.
As Curator for Autophagy: Eating in its Destructive and Creative Nature (2022-2023), a joint program between DutchCulture and Arts Council Korea (ARKO), Chang was responsible for the curation of web-based artworks and critical texts. She also presented talks as part of the screening program at de Appel Amsterdam.

In addition to these roles, Chang served as the director/curator of Korean-Turkish cultural exchange exhibition, Portals, Teleportation (2021). Also, she has been a researcher honorably selected by Asia Culture Center young artist residency. As a part of the residency, she participated in the exhibition, titled Migration to a New Earth Planet - 8 tactics to face the noisy summer (2021) as researcher and artist across fields in contemporary art, ecological thinking and biology.  
At the Seoul Museum of Art, Chang serves as a Coordinator in the Exhibition & Education Division, International Exchange Team. Her contributions include researching and proposing curatorial ideas and realizing projects with artists and institutions. Notable projects include Scoring the Words (2022) and The Part In The Story Where Our Accumulating Dust Becomes A Mountain (2023-2024).

Chang served as a curatorial assistant for the Asia Project, contributing to Looking for Another Family (2020), Catastrophe and Recovery (2021), and Nam June Paik Archive (working title) at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. She completed an internship in The Seventh Continent (2019) at the Istanbul Biennial fully funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. Chang was a programme coordinator for Design is Design is Not Design (2011), directed by Ai Weiwei and Seung, H-Sang at the On-office of the Gwangju Design Biennale.

Beings Swimming Backstroke toward the Waterfall

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Curatorial Project

The Archive of Tiny Perfect Things

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The Part In The Story Where Our Accumulating Dust Becomes A Mountain

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Art Critic & N Reviewer

I have been selected as an Art Critic and N Reviewer at Seongbuk Young Art Space. This year, I have been delving into the works of emerging Korean artists Leesop Cho and Choi Ellie. For Cho, my analysis leverages the film Rosetta (1999) to explore themes such as 'auto-suggestion' and 'self-affirmation,' while also scrutinizing the psychological nuances of 'self-division.' With Choi, I turn my attention to the phenomenological interpretation of everyday objects in her art, elucidating how these objects function as emotional and spatial anchors.

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조이솝: “자기 암시, 자기 확언, 자기 분열 그리고 존재하기”
Art Critic, Writing

Multiple Crises and the Asian Anthropocene: Climatic, Ecological, and (Post)Colonial Perspectives

Invasive Species, Colonialism, and Artistic Practice
This presentation examines the relationship between invasive species, colonialism, and artistic practice through the analysis of four artists: TJ Shin, Alaa Abu Asad, Chulayarnon Siriphol, and Mooni Perry. By using the concept of invasive species as a lens for understanding colonialism and post/decolonization, it aims to reconfigure the relationships between human, non-human, gender, nature and geopolitics. In doing so, it argues that Asia emerges as a richly layered mode of entanglements, where the species' pasts, colonialism and modern governmental policies, and the embattled legacy of colonial ruins that are still found in the present and future intersect.

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Tangled and Blurred Words, Fragmented and Scattered Thoughts, 2023

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Experimental Writings

Five Inclusion Tactics for Seven Curators: empowering, supportive, cooperative, open and fair

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Curatorial Project

Scoring the Words

Scoring the Words looks into Asia beyond the nation, race, and ethnicity weaving together with the idea of ‘poetry,’ SeMA’s exhibition agenda in 2022.Scoring the Words proposes itself as a piece of poetry composed of the practice of artists along with the attributes of poetic words as a song of the collective and a language of resistance. Considering ‘Asia’ as a field of discourse and expression, ripe with the language of practice, it brings together fourteen individuals/teams of artists, curators, researchers, and musicians who have been working in Asia or delving into the discourses around Asia.

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Curatorial Assistant

Invasive Species Behind the Notoriety: Multi-directional Narratives for Abundant Futures

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Curatorial Project

Migration to a New Earth Planet -8 tactics to face the noisy summer

The 2021 ACC Asia Plex Studio Young Artists’ Residency Result Exhibition explores the process of mankind, who can no longer reside in the destroyed environment of Earth's planet dominated by globalization ideology, discovering new territories inhabited by multiple species.

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Exhibition, Research show

Portals, Teleportation

"Portal" means a magical, technical door that connects geographically different locations or a website that is used as a point of entry to the internet. Portals, Teleportation, an exhibition for Korea-Turkey culture exchange, employs the portal to teleport our existence between Seoul and Istanbul. By presenting the "portal" that connects Seoul and Istanbul, the exhibition proposes an alternative cultural exchange method during the pandemic era.

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Curatorial Project

Eating Invasive Species
Symposium at Goldsmiths University


We Cannot be a Maxwell’s Demon

Ever since I first began studying transcultural memory, I have experienced an insatiable curiosity regarding the memory of/around species as a source for interpreting written and authored history. This curiosity found an echo in my heart through an aspiration to reveal the true nature of such memory.

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Mapping Memory

‘Mapping Memory’ is the culmination of a year’s work by postgraduate students on the Transcultural Memory module in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths, University of London. Through both written and creative research, ‘Mapping Memories’ is an online exhibition and public programme diving deeper into the group’s particular interests, spanning themes such as digital modes of memory, intergenerational trauma and collective memories.

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Work, Exhibition

Looking for Another Family

Looking for Another Family is part of the 2020 Asia Project; a proposal which aims to build and expand upon the "Asia Focus" series, MMCA’s long-term initiative launched in 2018. Whereas the previous exhibition How Little You Know About Me (2018) saw Asia as a critical point of view through which to view the world, not as a term referring to a geographical distinction or cultural identity, the second Asia Focus project is centered around finding answers to certain issues that arose in the first project, with an overarching question in mind: what's next?

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Curatorial Assistant

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